Uniting the Internet’s Horrors: The Horror Blogger Alliance

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Tonight Kbatz is chatting with Jeremy, Curator for the Horror Blogger Alliance!

When and how did the Horror Blogger Alliance come about? Why start a blog uniting fellow horror enthusiasts?

So many of us in the beginning of our blogging sites based on horror had no direction, hoping that someone would just find us hidden amongst 1000’s of blogs. Originally a brain child of Carl Manes [http://www.ilikehorrormovies.com/] and few other savvy horror site owners came up with this idea to bring us to a home. I was fortunate to have sort of taken over as the founders have moved on with other projects, stopped blogging or had just too much on their plates.

We have recently began adding members back to the command chair as it’s becoming difficult for me to maintain the HBA as I once did. So now new contributors and friends are leading the way into assuring…

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The Boom Boom Girls of Wrestling

Just when you ask yourself “why did the chicken cross the road”… the answer is the BOOM BOOM GIRLS!

The Fluff Is Raging

I am not a huge fan of slasher films, but when they are done well, they can be a gleefully guilty pleasure.


As much fun as they are, though, too often they fall into a predictable pattern.


I just heard about a new movie, The Boom Boom Girls of Wrestling, which might just offer an interesting take on the genre.


Written and directed by Carolin Von Petzholdt (Testing Life), the story is about a group of female pro-wrestlers who wind up stuck in a ghost town in the middle of the desert, and one by one get stalked by a knife-wielding psychopath dressed like a chicken.


Yes, a chicken.

Okay, yes, it sounds like the usual, but very few movies in the slasher genre are directed by women (and 75% of the film’s crew are female), so I’m hopeful this might offer something fresh.

Carolin Von Petzholdt Carolin…

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