Nazca Lines

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nazca lines

The Nazca lines in Peru date back to as far back as 500 B.C. There are various animal shapes, birds, a man, and different geometric patterns scattered around the region. The reason for the creation of these geoglyphs is unknown. There have been many theories regarding their purpose including roadways, irrigation canals, an astronomical calendar, ritual offerings, part of a mystical system of creations around the world along ley lines, and landing places or messages to or from aliens.

The common sense explanations such as roadways and irrigation canals make no sense due to the shape and depth. In addition, the fact that they are in recognizable shapes seems to indicate that they have more meaning than something so pedestrian. One thing which has been demonstrated is that these giant images aren’t really visible from the ground, but they certainly are by air. This begs the question of who they were…

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